Let go now (Limited Edition)

A New Way of BeingLimited Edition
Hardcover, 24 x 32 cm, 240 pages
Edition: English
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René Domke – photographer and filmmaker – got to accompany renowned pro athlete Sebastian Kienle during the final 12 months leading up to his retirement from pro triathlon. His intimate photography does not only let fans relive special moments they usually don’t get to see, but it will also make them feel like they experienced them live.

This book features a foreword by Jan Frodeno, the greatest triathlete of all time, and presents Sebastian’s career through 170 stunning images on 240 pages full of memorable quotes and stories by him and his closest companions. A book that truly captures emotions and once-in-a-lifetime moments.

René carefully curated this book and filled it with 170 of his favorite images, all shot on Leica cameras. The selection contains more than 75 analog shots taken with Leica M6 and Hasselblad 503.

Producer: Druckerei Vogl GmbH & CO KG
Book Cover hot foil stamped in silver
Paper: 140 g/m² Lona Offset, white
Made in Germany

LET GO NOW - A New Way of Being

Triathlon ends, but life doesn’t. The inspirational story of Sebastian Kienle.

This book is not about Sebastian Kienle.

Hold on. Of course, it is. It’s not JUST about Sebastian, and not even just about triathlon. It´s so much more!

12 months. 12 chapters. 12 emotions.
Many ups and downs.
Doubts and uncertainties.
Joy but also anxiety.

Mixed feelings about what´s to come and what to do next when you have already achieved everything there is to achieve in the sport of triathlon.

Halfway through the year, I realized:
I feel the exact same way. His story is relatable, not just for triathletes or athletes in general. But for everyone. Everyone who is facing change or challenge, or the end of a chapter in life. His story is your story as well.

This realization is how the true story of Kienle’s final year evolved: 


Let go of the things that have been keeping you in your comfort zone for so long and instead, invite new things into your life. What a challenge and what a privilege it is to be able to recognize the signs that allow us to enter new paths. Over 170 stunning images with quotes and stories of Sebastian and his closest career companions. A book full of emotions and images that will last forever.

About the Photographer and Publisher:

René Domke (*1982) is a photographer and filmmaker based in Munich, Germany. He started his career in German TV in 2011 and quickly evolved to become a well-known filmmaker and photographer specializing in sports. In 2023, René produced Discontinued, a documentary about Sebastian Kienle, and also got to work on several other documentaries for Red Bull and Scott Bikes. René is known for his compelling storytelling and empathy to create touching memories behind the lens.

About Sebastian Kienle:

“Sebi” was born in Mühlacker, Germany in 1984. At the young age of nine, he started getting into triathlon and ended up being a multiple World Champion. Known for his raw and energetic racing, Kienle is one of the so- called “Uber-Bikers” who revolutionized and pioneered the sport with his unique style and passion for racing. In 2014, he became Ironman World Champion in Kona, Hawaii. While the 39-year-old has always been well respected as an athlete, he has also come to be notable for his strong voice about controversial topics while always staying humble and authentic.

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